The Kingdom of Malkuth

The Gods of Nature have worked very hard in order to create self-cognizant beings. The Gods have had to make difficult experiments in the laboratory of Nature. Diverse forms of animals have come out of the test tubes of this great laboratory; some of those forms were created with the purpose of elaborating material for the creation of true human beings; other forms are refuse of semi-human beings and others are true human failures. All animals from this kingdom of Malkuth characterize some eliminated aspect of true human beings. All animals are true caricatures of the human being.

However, it is good to know that the struggle of the Gods in order to create human beings has not finished yet. Still, true human beings have to discharge themselves of many elements which will be present in the zoological gardens of the future.

We must know that the Being, the Innermost, the Spirit, is the reality. However, another factor in discord exists within us: the ego, the myself. It is interesting to comprehend that the “I” is pluralized. The “I” is constituted by many “I’s” that wrangle amongst themselves; they fight amongst themselves because each one wants control of the human personality. These “I’s” are three, seven, and a legion. The three basic ones are: the demon of desire, the demon of the mind, and the demon of evil will. The seven are the seven capital sins: lust, anger, greed, pride, envy, gluttony, and laziness. The legion is constituted by all the thousands of secondary sins.

The three, the seven, and the legion are small animal elements, “I’s” that are created by the mind. These animal elements are enemies who live within our own house. These animal elements live within the kingdom of our soul, and they nourish themselves with the inferior substances of our lower animal depths. What is the worst is that these animal elements have stolen part of our own consciousness. This is demonstrated by the following assertions, “I am angry, I am greedy, I wish, I feel envious, etc., etc., etc.”

The true Being is the Spirit, but the Spirit is not yet within the individual, because the “I” has invaded the kingdom of the soul. Indeed, neither the soul nor the Spirit has incarnated within the individual. The human being is still a possibility within the intellectual animal (mistakenly called a human being). The true human being is still in the process of creation. Many samples of existing human races will be in the zoological gardens of the future. We must discard all of which is animalistic within in order to properly attain the human state that, until now, is only a possibility.

When we finish with all of our sins, then the “I” is dissolved. When the “I” is dissolved, then we incarnate the soul and the Spirit. Indeed, this is how we become human beings in the most complete sense of the word.

When death arrives, the unique thing that continues is the “I,” the legion of “I’s.” The ego or the “I” returns in order to satisfy its desires. Death is the return to conception. This is the wheel of the Arcanum Ten.

After the death of the physical body of a true human being (one who has the soul and Spirit incarnated), he lives completely awakened in his Astral Body; he enjoys the internal worlds of consciousness; he enjoys objective perception.

On the other hand, those who still have not dissolved the “I” and who have neither incarnated the soul nor the Spirit, live within the internal worlds with their consciousness asleep; they only have a subjective consciousness and subjective perception.

Whosoever wants to liberate himself from the Wheel of Samsara has to dissolve the “I” and incarnate his soul. This labor is very difficult and those who achieve it are very rare. Indeed, the kingdom of Malkuth is a terrible filter. The refuse of this filter is what is common and current, and this refuse is swallowed up by the Abyss. The gold, the chosen one, the true human being, the angel, is Malkuth’s conception. The struggle is indeed severe.

Nature is implacable; the birth of a human-angel costs thousands—or better if we state millions—of victims. Many are called, but few are chosen.

Christ said: From a thousand who search for me, one finds me; from a thousand who find me, one follows me; and from a thousand who follow me, one is mine. This is the tragedy of the Arcanum Ten of Kabbalah.
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