The Ray of Creation:

The Tree of Life (Hb: Otz Chiim), is the result of the multiple transformations, sacrifices, sufferings of the Ray of Creation. We use the symbol itself in order to comprehend and place all of the various activities of the Cosmic Christ in every region of nature.
There are seven cosmos, each with their own laws. The laws depend upon the density and complexity of the Ray of Creation. The ray always begins in the subtle departments of Spirit and descends gradually into the complexities and density of matter.

1 Protocosmos (1 Law) The Absolute: Three Gunas: Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas [Transcendental Consciousness]
2 Ayocosmos or Megalocosmos (3 Laws) The Infinite: The vast cosmos, or all of the Suns, all of the worlds of the infinite space, all the worlds from all the clusters of Galaxies. [Cosmic Consciousness]
3 Macrocosmos The Galaxy: Formed by the Milky Way, with its 18 million suns that gravitate around (6 Laws) the central sun Sirius (a galaxy or group of suns) [Galactic Consciousness]
4 Deuterocosmos (12 Laws) The Solar System: constituted by the Sun of our Solar System and all of its laws. [Solar Consciousness]
5 Mesocosmos (24 Laws) The Planetary Zone: our planet Earth (or any planet) [Planetary Conscious]
6 Microcosmos (48 Laws) The Planetary Body: The philosophical Earth. (Four Kingdoms of Nature, four types of bodies) [Human, Animal, Plant, & Mineral Consciousness]
7 Klippoth: 9 spheres, the shadow of the Tree of Life: Tritocosmos (96-864 Laws) The region of shells (egos). Demons are the inhabitants of this kingdom and they dwell within the Atomic Infernos of our own Atoms. To the inhabitants of the Infernal Realm Humans are the Macrocosm.

Fundamental Laws of World Maintenance:
Two fundamental laws or principles and one system guiding the interaction between levels of the universe determine, according to Gurdjieff, the functioning and maintenance of the universe. The first law, Triamazikamno (or the Law of 3), consists of three fundamental forces: Affirming, Denying and Reconciling. These three separate and independent forces manifest simultaneously in every action and phenomenon in all worlds of the universe, both small and large. In Beelzebub’s Tale she describes this law: “The higher blends with the lower in order to actualize the middle and thus becomes either higher for the preceding lower, or lower for the succeeding higher.”
The Ray descends from the Absolute, the Ain Soph Aur into the first Sephirah: Kether unfolds into the next two sephiroth, thus manifesting the Holy Triamazicamno.

The three primary forces;

The second law, Heptaparaparshinokh (or the law of 7), regulates process, change and transformation. It is based on the musical octave and contains two ‘intervals’ which change the direction of the flow of energies throughout the universe. The line of the flow of force constantly deflecting according to law and uniting again at its end.
Gurdjieff conceived of the universe as a great whole, a vast cosmic matrix of universal interdependence where everything is in perpetual energetic movement. THE ENDLESSNESS created the Trogoautoegocrat process as a system to protect and maintain the existence of the Sun Absolute from the inevitable ravages of time. “It is the opening of the overall system, by inter-action with other subordinate systems, which prevents its degeneration, its death, through the inevitable degradation of energy, through increasing disorder. By establishing diversity within unity, with a concomitant exchange of energies between the various levels of the universe, the continuation of the creative source of existence, the Sun Absolute, was safeguarded.”
Everything in the Universe, both the intentionally created and the later automatically arisen, exists and is maintained, exclusively on the basis of what is called the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat process; this process was actualized by our Endless Uni-Being, when our Most Great and Most Holy Sun Absolute had already existed, on which our All-Gracious Endless Creator had and still has the chief place of His existence; this system, which maintains everything arisen and existing, was actualized by our Endless Creator in order that what is called the exchange of substances or the Reciprocal-feeding of everything that exists, might proceed in the Universe and thereby that the merciless Heropass might not have the maleficent effect on the Sun Absolute.
"On the earth we are very far removed from the will of the Absolute; we are separated from it by forty-eight orders of mechanical laws. If we could free ourselves from one half of these laws, we should find ourselves subject to only twenty­ four orders of laws, that is, to the laws of the planetary world, and then we should be one stage nearer to the Absolute and its will. If we could then free ourselves from one half of these laws, we should be subject to the laws of the sun (twelve laws) and consequently one stage nearer still to the Absolute. If, again, we could free ourselves from half of these laws, we should be subject to the laws of the starry world and separated by only one stage from the immediate will of the Absolute."