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Kabbalah – The Key of Occultism

How do we know this? We don’t even have to get philosophical because modern science tells us that energy can never be created or destroyed.

So energy always was, always is, and always shall be.

But what is Energy? It is conscious. We know this because of the Hermetic Law of Vibration. What is energy in its absolute purest form? The Gnostics refer to energy in this state as THE ONE/THE ALL. Kabbalists refer to it as AIN SOPH.

Before the time that anything manifested AIN SOPH existed alone, in its own Brilliance. You can picture this being light, the brightest light possible, that covers everything. However, this is just in our level of comprehension, because in actuality AIN SOPH is beyond light, beyond law, beyond intelligence and beyond GOD and MAN.

The Archetypal Kabbalah is created

The ineffable AIN SOPH sought to express itself in some way. The reason why AIN SOPH would want to so this is unfathomable, but the fact of the matter is, the AIN SOPH did create.

AIN SOPH manifested a void space within itself, from which it could express itself. In this void space, AIN SOPH created the KABBALAH which is the blueprint of all life. The result of the creation of the KABBALAH in the void space is the 7 great HERMETIC LAWS of the universe.

The only thing that is absolutely non-dual or singular is AIN SOPH.

The Creation of God

Now that AIN SOPH had created the universe with its fundamental laws and principals, it manifested its own essence OR created a spirit to encompass the Universe. This was the formation/creation of the GOD who encompasses the MACROCOSM. YHVH, the TETRAGRAMMATON.

So, because GOD was a direct emanation from AIN SOPH, its level of conscious energy is much, much higher than our own. GOD, the MACROCOSM is the Original spirit of the KABBALAH and therefore isn’t prone to de-synchronizing with the SEFIROT like us.

So now GOD has been created, however, the universe is still intrinsically a void space…. (This is the point from which Genesis Chapter One starts)

The Creation of Earth

GOD, who is still only a Spirit uses the principals of the KABBALAH, of which he has supreme dominion over, to create his body which is the Earth with all its features. The KABBALAH has ten SEFIROT, and each SEFIROT corresponds to a body part/aspect of GOD and MAN.

With GOD, the MACROCOSM, the Earth, planets and Stars are his body parts. GOD’S spirit or the ASTRAL LIGHT is what invigorates and powers all life on Earth.

The planets and stars are expressions of GOD’S essence/personality in a MACROCOSMIC sense: Planets are linked with mythological deities and along with Star constellations having allegories. This is further emphasized in religions such as Hinduism whereby there are many deities who are individual expressions of the one supreme god Brahman.

Now that GOD, has created Earth with all its components (Plants, animals, ecosystems, terrain etc) GOD seeks to live in his own creation. GOD, however, cannot live in his own creation in his Spirit form since the world he created is one that includes dense matter. The reason why it includes dense matter is because it is further down the chain from AIN SOPH. AIN SOPH created GOD in pure spirit and GOD created a world that includes Spirit (The astral light) Semi-Spirit (Wind etc) and Dense matter.

The Creation of Man

In order for GOD to live in his own creation he needed to have a body that corresponded to the natural physics of his creation. A body that is a part of that world. GOD, therefore created the MICROCOSM which is MAN’S body and mind in the image of himself. (P.S) God doesn’t have a Sex (In terms of male or female). Sex is a physical thing. GOD, however, has gender (metaphysical) which is always harmonized.

GOD actually created Male and Female at the same time, in the image of itself. This means that our bodies (MICROCOSM) also correspond to the KABBALAH. For GOD to make MAN a complete image and expression of himself, he manifested a part of his own SOUL into MAN. Therefore, our SOUL is our direct link to GOD.

GOD wanted his image on Earth to have dominion over all other creatures, and that is clearly the case, as our levels of consciousnesses are much higher that all other life on Earth. GOD created Male and Female at the same time, however likely not just one man and woman, but likely a man and woman for each of the main races, scattered in their appropriate parts of the world. The exact number of humans for each race first created by GOD is unknown. The reason why GOD decided to create a diverse MAN is terms of race is because he did not just want to express himself mundanely in one kind of race. GOD also had to take in account the nature of the physical world he created. The MICROCOSM of MAN needs to be able to sufficiently adapt to its environment.

When MAN was first created by GOD, MAN was in sync with all the SEFIROT. This means MAN’S body, the MICROCOSM functions at its full potential and is the closest possible to GOD. In the Bible, the process of the creation of MAN to the fall of MAN seems like it happened over a really short time, however, the reason why it was written like this is because the authors of the Bible didn’t feel it was necessary to go into detail about MAN prior to the fall. The Bible was written after the greater collective of MAN had already fallen, and the Bible deals with information that is relevant to the present. But since we are breaking this all the way down, we will talk about MAN prior to the fall.

Man prior to the fall in Genesis

The period of time from which MAN was created to the collective fall of MAN could well have been thousands or even tens of thousands of years. The reason why we can deduce this is because if the greater collective of MAN is fully synchronized with the KABBALAH, a grand scale desynchronization cannot occur over a short period of time. We, humans are an individual MICROCOSM living in one great MACROCOSM. We are like individual cells in a great body. If one cell gets sick, it doesn’t necessarily mean the organism will get sick, however if many cells get sick, in the case of ‘cancer’ (for example) the greater collective of cells and the organism itself will start to get affected.

Therefore, the fall of MAN must of happened once the greater collective of MAN desynchronized with the higher SEFIROT.

But let us just quickly mention again that man was initially created by GOD fully in sync with all the SEFIROT. This means that the greater civilization of MAN prior to the fall in Genesis was highly advanced. This can be seen as the most plausible explanation for how the ancient Pyramids throughout the world were created.

The Fall of Man

Let us now get back as to how MAN as a collective fell out of sync with his Natural powers. In the ALLEGORY of Genesis, they write about GOD taking a rib out of Adam to create Eve. This is not the creation of the female. As I mentioned earlier, male and female were created at the same time. Hence ‘Adam’ means person. What the author of Genesis is really describing in this scene is the greater harmony of MAN’S collective gender coming out of balance. This means that MAN has now fallen out of sync with KETER which represents the absolute harmony of Gender (and other opposites)

Now why would this happen?

The most feasible explanation is MAN not meeting Natural demands on a physical and physiological level, which over time affected his mentality and spirituality. Another explanation is MAN getting complacent with his life, which makes him vulnerable to the power of his own thought forms and creations. MAN, unlike GOD has to maintain his KABBALISTIC synchronicity to maintain his Natural powers.

So after the rib was taken out of Adam, MAN was now in the dominion of the second and third SEFIROT (The result of desynchroizing with KETER)

If you take a look at the KABBALISTIC diagram (the main image of this article) you will observe that the ‘Great Abyss’ is right below the second and third SEFIORT (BINAH & CHOCKMAH)

The ‘Great Abyss’ lines up with the throat and apex of the Human Spine. The human spine in Kabbalistic Occultism is the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ For Kabbalistic reference, the Great Abyss is called DA’AT. It is not a SEFIRA because it has no MACROCOSMIC correspondence. It is highlighted, however on a MICROCOSMIC level, because it is a significant point in MAN’S occult anatomy.

Knowledge Vs. Gnosis

DA’AT functions as either Knowledge or Gnosis depending on the disposition of the person. The difference between Knowledge and Gnosis is as follows: (P.S. ‘Gnosis’ is used here in a Kabbalistic sense)

Knowledge is the knowing of opposites

Gnosis is the knowing of the significance of the opposites uniting.

In other words: Knowledge is knowing ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ seperetly on a bias point of understanding while Gnosis is the knowledge of ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ united in an absolute sense.

The Serpent of the Tree of Knowledge is your Kundalini Life Force and either acts as the Serpent of Gnosis or the eternal Tempter (Satan) When MAN is desynchronized with the three highest SEFIROT the Serpent will always be the Serpent of Gnosis, because MAN needs Gnosis in order to cross the abyss and synchronize with the upper triad.

What/Who really is the DEMIURGE?

When MAN is synchronized with at least BINAH and CHOCKMAH (2&3) the Serpent will always be the Serpent of Satan, because MAN in this state, already has Gnosis. Satan, which represents our lower nature never wants us to have Gnosis, only Knowledge. Satan can also be called the ‘DEMIURGE’… The GOD of Genesis and the rest of the Bible is NOT the DEMIURGE, he is the spirit of the MACROCOSMIC KABBALAH. The GOD of Genesis is the Spirit of MAN’S absolute higher self.

This is why GOD tells MAN not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge in Genesis. MAN at this time was synchronized with the SEFIROT beyond DA’AT. MAN therefore did not need the so-called ‘Knowledge’ the Serpent was offering. GOD was really just warning us about the temptation of our lower nature. GOD knew that once Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, they would desynchronize with BINAH and CHOCKMAH and drown in the abyss. When GOD spoke about MAN ‘surely dying’ after eating the fruit, what he meant was that after MAN dies, he will incarnate. He will not be one with GOD in heaven. This is because MAN needs to be in sync with all the SEFIROT to be One with GOD and transcend Earth completely.

Analyzing points made by the Serpent of Genesis

The Serpent spoke to Eve and the most likely reason as to why it is written like this in the allegory is female, in terms of the inverted triangle in the Hexagram, signifies materialism (amongst other things), and Satan’s SEFIROT are associated with materialism. The Serpent tells Eve that her ‘eyes will be opened’, this is really just taking about the five senses. When MAN is in sync with the upper triad, he transcends the five senses and functions with psychic powers and clairvoyance. So the Serpent mentions the eyes because they are the most prominent sense that we make use of, but it was also inferring to the rest of the mundane senses.

The Serpent then mentions eating from the Tree of Knowledge (of Good and Evil) will make them Gods. GOD, however, is beyond ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ and is not limited by it, because in actuality Good and Evil are manifestations of the same thing. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is not only referring to Good and Evil but also to the concept of Dualism (all opposites)

Drowning in the Abyss

After the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge was consumed by Adam and Eve, they drowned in the Great Abyss, which means they desynchronized with the upper traid and all other SEFIROT (outside of the Red Zone)

They realized their nakedness because they were now dwelling in the zone of their lower nature. GOD asked Adam and Eve: ‘Where art thou?’ … Because Adam and Eve desynchroized with the upper triad (and all Sefirot outside of the Red Zone, after consuming the Tree of Knowledge Fruit) their Spirits were astray from GOD. That is why GOD had to ‘call out’ for them at that point in the allegory. GOD ends up banishing MAN form the Garden of Eden, which in the Allegory, represents the upper triad. In actuality though, MAN chose to do this to himself…

The Tree of Life can only be accessed by MAN if he has risen above DA’AT…

The consequent chapters of the Bible

The rest of the chapters of the Bible that succeed the Fall of Man, are all about the characters trying to reclaim their lost synchronicity with the SEFIROT. The whole story about Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt is really just an allegory, describing Moses helping the greater collective of people in Israel re-sync with higher SEFIROT and get out of the Red Zone (Domain of the Multitude)

Some characters in the Bible did manage to re-sync with the upper triad. Such an example can be seen in Genesis chapter 32:22-32, whereby Jacob wrestles with an angel, which in the allegory, represents his lower nature. Jacob manages to transcend his lower nature completely, and acquires the high title of ISRAEL and names his new land “Peniel” Land. This is a direct reference to the Pineal gland that corresponds to KETER.

In the new testament, JESUS, or sacredly ‘YEHOVASHAH’ , acts as a representation of the MACROCOSM and MICROCOSM. Hence, his story in terms of his travels around Galilee, and his death and resurrection, is an allegory of how the Sun, travels throughout the zodiac in the course of the year and ‘dies’ in the southern hemisphere at the 21st of December and then is ‘resurrected’ 3 days later (from which commences on its journey back north)

His teachings, life lessons and philosophy are synonymous with a person who has acquired Gnosis and is fully in Sync with all the SEFIROT. This distinction therefore is what gave him the title “Christ” which means “One who is spiritually anointed.” The Anointing is a reference to how Shemen must be brought up to the spine to anoint the pineal gland. This aspect of JESUS therefore makes him a character that also represents the Sanctified MICROCOSM

Sefirot Synchronicity?

I have mentioned Sefirot Synchronicity a lot in this article. What do I exactly mean by this? The Sefirot on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life are always applicable to us. This is the case because they literally correspond to parts of our body. However, the latent potential of the Sefirot are only accessible to those who are in sync with them. Most people are only in sync with the 3 lowest Sefirot. (Netzach, Hod, and Yesod)

So what does it mean to ‘be in sync with the Sefirot?

It means you have sufficient conscious control and sovereign perception.

It means your spirit is resonating at a high frequency.

It means you have a high level of self-mastery and have free will.

It means you have transcended your carnal desires. (Carnal desire indulgement is another reason why the greater collective of Man originally desynced with the higher Sefirot and drowned in the abyss)

Additional Notes

In terms of the topic about free will, I shall clarify it here.

The average person is only 5-10% conscious. This means that most of their life is run by their subconscious programs (installed by other people) , habits and physiological components. These people therefore don’t have much free will at all.

What does it mean to have FREE WILL? It means one is aware of his subconscious habits. It means one is the master of his programming. It means one is conscious of when he is being SUBLIMINALLY influenced. It means one has master over his own genes.

The goal of all mystery schools, including Freemasonry, Golden Dawn, Rosicrucianism etc. Is to get MAN back in sync with the higher Sefirot. Such mystery schools have an array of magical practices and techniques that are designed to increase the spiritual tolerance of Man so that he can reclaim his long lost natural powers.
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